Critical Incident Stress Management

What is CISM?

Critical Incident Stress Management, or CISM, is an intervention protocol developed specifically for dealing with traumatic events.  It is a formal, highly structured and professionally recognized process for helping those involved in a critical incident to share their experiences, vent emotions, learn about stress reactions and symptoms and given referral for further help if required.  It is not psychotherapy.  It is a confidential, voluntary and educative process, sometimes called ‘psychological first aid’.

First developed for use with military combat veterans and then civilian first responders (police, fire, ambulance, emergency workers and disaster rescuers), it has now been adapted and used virtually everywhere there is a need to address traumatic impact in peoples lives.


We Provide

By addressing the immediate needs of those affected by traumatic events, our CISM services can play a crucial role in facilitating recovery and promoting mental well-being during challenging times.

Management Consultation / Needs Assessment
Onsite Group and Individual Support
Individual Support via Phone
Customized seminars regarding grief and loss, managing change, stress management, resilience, and more
Handouts with additional support and information

Approved ICISF Instructor

Our founder and owner, Matt Maynard, LPC, is also an approved instructor by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) which is the founding organization for the CISM protocols and tools.

Currently Taught Courses:

Assisting Individuals in Crisis
Group Crisis Intervention
The Secrets of Psychological Body Armor ™ – Holistic Wellness for Emergency Services and Healthcare Professions

All courses are authored by the ICISF.

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