Adult Counseling

Counseling for Adults

Whether you’ve had a long-standing issue that has been causing you distress, or a recent event has made it difficult to cope, I’d be grateful for the opportunity to help you as you begin to navigate change in your life.

A few areas and conditions I specialize in treating:

Career transitions
Relationship difficulties
Trauma/Post-traumatic stress
Substance abuse
Panic attacks
Stressful life events

Your Path to Wellness

At the initial onset of therapy, during the intake session, I meet with each client to learn more about why they are seeking therapy, and what areas of life are causing them the most distress. This initial session is often called the “intake session.” Not only will I learn about your immediate concerns that brings you to therapy but will also inquire about any pertinent history to get a fuller picture of who you are. Understanding not only the immediate concerns but more about what makes you, you, is very important to me as well as important to the therapeutic process. During this initial session my hope is that you get to know what it will be like to work together on an on-going basis and determine if Graceway Counseling is the best fit for you. At the end of this initial session I will provide some initial thoughts and observations and discuss an individualized plan to continue therapy. Different therapy options may include: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy, Client-Centered therapy, Skills Training, or Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), just to name a few.

One part of therapy might include learning new skills which can be helpful through out your day-to-day adventures outside of the therapy session. We will also set goals during this process so that you and I both can have a clear picture of symptoms or issues being addressed and track their progress over time.

Some people have a set of stressors overlap into one or more of the categories listed above, and that is ok. Others may find it difficult to put into words the discomfort they are experiencing. Either way, please feel free reach out and schedule an initial free phone consultation to determine treatment options and appropriate next steps.