Counseling for Children

As a parent or guardian, you are motivated to love, support and nourish your child in every way possible. You strive to create an environment for them to grow and flourish on a daily basis. Similarly, if you are concerned about some aspect of your child’s life – a new behavior or a shift in their mood – you likely want to support for them in a way that allows them to continue on to thrive and grow. You may also just have questions about the recent changes you have noticed in your child – especially if it is impacting your child’s day-to-day life at home or at school. Either way, a phone consultation could help to provide some clarity and guidance for you and your family.

Counseling for Teens

Adolescence is a time of rapid change. Emotionally teens are starting to feel a wider range of emotions, and often within a broader range of intensity. Intellectually, they are beginning to embrace abstract thought in a way they previously had not. They are starting to become young adults, which brings with it a new set of challenges in all areas of life. It’s also a time where teens are likely to rely on peers for support and guidance before they reach out to a parents or guardian. This makes it challenging to know exactly what your teen is experiencing, let alone whether it is something that is fleeting or more long-lasting.

Counseling for Adults

Whether you’ve had a long-standing issue that has been causing you distress, or a recent event has made it difficult to cope, I’d be grateful for the opportunity to help you as you begin to navigate change in your life.

Counseling for Couples

Often we can love someone deeply but find that it’s hard to connect with them. Couples’ therapy can be the safe space you need to help you talk through your concerns with your partner in a calm and contained way. Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) was created by Dr. Sue Johnson in the 1980s, and several studies have found it to be the most effective couples therapy to date. EFT focuses on deescalating negative interaction patterns in your relationship, and then helping you reestablish feelings of intimacy and safety with your partner.